Dear my beloved America,

We are currently a divided nation between two groups who want to take their country back. One side is holding onto the country that allowed them new opportunities to provide for their families, to fight against oppression, and take part in the progressive movement of the world. The other side is holding onto the country that allowed them power over others because of their race, religion, and/or gender. We are no longer a country divided by political parties; we are a country divided by status, race, and spiritual belief, which are things we cannot control. That is truly disheartening as a middle-class female, minority, and Buddhist.

We have elected a man who represents the movement to take back America from its minorities, who if you are not aware, are quickly becoming the country’s majority. This says a lot about the state of our country in a time where we pride ourselves on progress, diversity, and free practice. For one, it says that we have failed to educate our country. Secondly, it says that we do not know our America. And the last point for now is that we have celebrated our progress too early. The progress that we have made in the last couple of decades has been glorified by “laws” and “legislation” that claim that we are an inclusive nation. The systematic issues around status, race, and religion have been masked by complacent acceptance of law, but have recently been unhinged by a man who claims to represent the unheard voices of racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-LGBTQ, and religious persecution.

Like many other of your inhabitants, America, I feel anxious for the future of my people and family. However, like some, I take this as another opportunity to move this nation forward. We just need to remember that every great movement is met with opposition; otherwise, it would be no great movement. This is where we make history!

To my dearest country, I believe that this is a test of our faith to you. I don’t believe that our new President will ruin our country. Our economy, our people, and our relationships with other countries will be okay. If anything, I believe that this is a reality check to remind us that we can never stay comfortable with the status quo. We must always move forward and we will. Let’s just remember to love each other, stay positive, and do the ethical thing. Most importantly, let’s be intentional about how we want to change the country. To be vocal and active in our community will be the strongest coping mechanism for the times that we live in.

With much hope,
Crystal Nguyen

Note: this is not a testament against the stances of the Republican Party, which I respect even as a Democrat. It is a statement against the ideological state of half our country and the man they chose as their icon.